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Kambo Self-Healing Training

Safely Learn Kambo Self-Application

Our Kambo Self-Healing Training course teaches the fundamentals of self-administration with an indigenous traditional focus.

The course commences with 6 to 8 hours of principal theory, the prerequisites to working with Kambo in a traditional context. This is where participants learn the how and why of our approach, emphasizing the importance of safety and preservation of ceremonial form.

Kambo Self-Healing Training - 1
Kambo Self-Healing Training

What You Will Learn

On Day 1, Trainees are introduced to critical components of working with jungle medicine and are taught dynamic use of intention and integration strategy.

Participants learn about the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of Kambo and how to work with the medicine on all three levels as the Indigenous Matsés have been doing for thousands of years.

On Day 2, we commence 20 hours of ‘hands-on’ practical training. This is where participants are taught the art of self-dosing, a beautiful path that offers great potential in self-healing and the deepening of the relationship with this sacred medicine. 

Students also learn the importance of safety protocols, the significance of a good sitter, and how to sit for other students of the medicine effectively.

Humble, Safe & Experienced Training

The practical training phase is both rigorous and holistic. Three full days of medicine work composes what some people refer to as an “inoculation campaign,” aka the “Kambo dieta.” When approached with humility and sincerity, this process is sure to facilitate a profound healing experience.

Our graduates are confidently grounded in the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to safely and effectively embark upon the path of self-administration. This experience offers a solid foundation for deepening and broadening the relationship with the beloved Sapo (one of the more common names given by the Matsés for this medicine).

We are truly honored for the opportunity to provide our students with powerful tools and potent strategies in self-work.

Kambo Self-Healing Training - Shamanflora

After the Retreat

After a Kambo retreat, participants can expect a variety of outcomes, as each person’s experience will be unique. However, there are some common effects that many people report:

  1. Physical detoxification: Kambo is known for its powerful purgative properties, which can help cleanse the body of toxins, impurities, and negative energies. This detoxification process may lead to increased energy levels, a stronger immune system, and improved overall well-being.

  2. Emotional and spiritual cleansing: Many participants find that Kambo helps release emotional blockages, traumas, or negative patterns, leading to a sense of inner peace and emotional balance. Some may also experience spiritual growth, as the process encourages self-reflection and a deeper connection with their true selves.

  3. Enhanced mental clarity and focus: Following a Kambo retreat, many individuals report improved mental clarity, heightened focus, and increased motivation. This can be beneficial in various aspects of life, including personal relationships, career, and creative pursuits.

  4. Relief from chronic conditions: Kambo has been reported to alleviate symptoms of various chronic conditions, such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and inflammation. While not a cure-all, it may provide relief and support as part of a holistic approach to healing and well-being.

  5. Personal transformation: A Kambo retreat can be a catalyst for personal growth and transformation, as participants often gain new insights and perspectives on their lives. This can lead to positive changes in habits, relationships, and overall life direction.

  6. Post-retreat integration: Similar to other traditional healing modalities, it is essential to give yourself time and space to integrate the insights and experiences from the Kambo retreat into your daily life. This process may involve self-reflection, journaling, or sharing your experience with supportive friends or family members.

It is important to remember that individual experiences will vary, and not all participants will encounter the same outcomes. However, Kambo can provide a unique and powerful opportunity for healing, personal growth, and self-discovery for those who are open to its potential.

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What is Kambo?

Kambo (also known as Sapo locally to Peruvians) is the venom from Phyllomedusa bicolor, the Amazonian giant monkey tree frog. This medicine is well known around Peru and Brazil as the “vaccine of the forest.”

It is most easily understood as a detoxifying purgative, immune-boosting medicine, and a powerful treatment for chronic pain and drug dependency. You can read more about the Kambo ceremony here.

Honoring and Working with Kambo

Kambo treatments should only be received by skilled Kambo practitioners, fully trained in the Amazon by initiated elders.

There are many Westernized training and certification programs arising today claiming to train Kambo practitioners in some official capacity, though it should be noted that there is no standardized certification for such trainings.

Further, many of these training do not include handling the frog, the ritual venom extraction, or include any indigenous history regarding the Kambo medicine.

In order to truly understand Kambo medicine, one must be initiated through the indigenous tradition of Kambo application (which includes catching and extracting the venom from the frog itself!). This can only be done by being trained in the Amazon, by an initiated trainer, or the indigenous elders themselves.

Why Train With Us?

Let’s be realistic, Kambo has been spreading like wildfire.

While it won’t be that everyone and their sister is a Kambo Practitioner, popular culture will inevitably become more aware of — and attracted to — this medicine just like ayahuasca and other once-mysterious entheogens.

People and fly-by-night organizations are setting up Kambo practitioner training courses like popup restaurants and discerning who to learn from is something that we don’t take lightly.

This new interest has many positives and negatives.  It is always beautiful when anything Amazonian is brought to the mainstream collective.  From gold, to rubber, to healing medicine—Humankind does not have the best track record when it comes to sustainably stewarding these gifts of Earth and Indigenous Culture.

When our instructors came out of the Jungle to reintegrate, they found that a lot of Kambo being served worldwide was being administered with little to no regard to the honor of the legacy and tradition of Kambo.

We believe this, among some other factors, is limiting Kambo’s effectiveness and, in fact, creating unsafe practices.  The healing potential of Kambo is far greater than we currently understand, and that potential only begins to unlock when administered in the traditional way.

Rather than reacting out of fear, we decided that if the wildfire of Kambo is going to spread, at least we can help spread it with tradition, honor, respect, and safety. It’s our intention and commitment to continue honoring the frog, the cultures that have partnered with it, and the ecosystem in which they both thrive.

Our History with Kambo

We have been working with Kambo since 2011. Before, it was a catchphrase, a pop-culture fad, or before it was a ‘cool’ thing to do or add to they psychonauts belt.

We were privileged enough to work with an Elder Matsés at our center in the Amazon in 2011.  Our instructors were able to live and study full-time in the Amazon jungle for many years.  Combined, they have a total of over 13 years of living in the Amazon.

During this time, they learned how important it is to keep the legacy and tradition of Kambo sacred.  They learned that Kambo’s Spirit is deep with the Matsés People because they have 1000’s of years of honoring the tradition passed through countless generations.

The Matses Elders have honored the frog, the Spirit, the Jungle, and themselves by honoring their sacred tradition.  Our instructors were able to connect to the ‘Kambo Spirit’ through the guidance of the elder Matsés and the essence of the jungle.  We lived with Source during this time, and She taught us how to live in unity and humility with Her.  We started administering Kambo in 2012 to all of our guests, seeing its potent healing power.

Working with Kambo Spirit

We have learned that as individual humans, we are nothing more than mediums holding space.  By casting aside “self,” we allow the frog to do its work.  If the Kambo Spirit has called you to us, then it’s meant to be. 

We are humble and do this out of love for the sacred frogs.  They allow us to be their ambassadors to the world. To help the world heal. It is the frogs and the Kambo Spirit that hold the healing power, not us.  Being an ambassador to something so much bigger than the individual means that every action we take is a reflection on Kambo.  This is why we require all students to have current CPR certification.

kambo frog image

Protecting and Honoring the Frogs

As ambassadors of the Kambo Spirit, we began to ask some big questions.  With the ‘wild spread’ of this incredible medicine, who is making sure that it is sustainable?  Who is looking out for these guys, other than the Matsés?

There is an ever-increasing demand for this miraculous medicine in the western world, and we felt called to act in love.  That’s why we are the first to dedicate a Phyllomedusa bicolor sanctuary to study them and allow them to procreate.  We are beginning to work with biologists, scientists, and conservationists to ensure that we are not blindly pillaging or hurting this species. 

We harvest our medicine from the frogs in our reserve.  We can ensure that harvesting is done in a loving and sustainable way.  We can step into the role of a caretaker of these incredible beings, giving them a safe space to live, and also bring healing to the world.

Our trained and verified Certified Kambo Practitioners have direct access to this pure medicine, knowing that they are serving not only sustainable medicine but medicine that was harvested with integrity, love, and respect. Medicine that they themselves have a personal bond with.

Considering Other Kambo Training Programs?

You will probably be looking around at other training programs available.

We have some questions that can help be a guide to finding the right person to train under: 

  • Have they lived in the jungle for more than 365 consecutive days? 
  • Have they spent an extended amount of time with the Matsés?
  • Are they fluent or bilingual in Spanish or Portuguese? This is imperative to learn from the elders.
  • Where did the instructor receive their training, and by who? Did this person live in the Amazon and have a direct connection to the Matsés? 
  • How many people has the instructor trained? 
  • Do they teach in the traditional way, as the Matsés do? 
  • What is their emergency response training?
  • Why did they begin working with Kambo in the first place?
  • Why did they become a Kambo Practitioner?
  • Why are they now an instructor? 
  • Do they use water or saliva to mix the medicine?
  • What is their intention with training others?
  • Where do they get their medicine? Have they been to that source? Is it being harvested sustainably with minimum to no impact on the frogs? 

These are all paramount questions.  Each will give you insight into the training you would receive, and to the heart of whom you will receive this training from.  Becoming a Kambo Practitioner is about more than any title.  It is about carrying the Spirit of Kambo with you and within you.  It is about allowing the Spirit of Kambo to act through you.  We believe the only way one can begin to integrate with the Spirit of Kambo is by honoring its legacy. 

We Support Safe, Honest, and Passionate Kambo Self-Healing Training

We are passionate about Kambo. Passionate about the healing effects, passionate about the Spirit of Kambo, the frogs, and the Jungle. The reason we choose to remain traditional is because it resonates with us to the core. For us, there is nothing that compares to carrying this connection with roots that sink deep into Mother Earth.

We truly hope that you will one day be able to share this same Sacred Space with Kambo.

Kambo education through integrity, honoring tradition.

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