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Ayahuasca Retreats

What to expect at a retreat

Ayahuasca, a powerful traditional herbal plant medicine derived from the Amazon rainforest, has been used for centuries by indigenous communities for its profound healing properties. This sacred brew, made from a combination of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine and the leaves of the Psychotria viridis plant, is known to offer numerous benefits to those who partake in its ceremonies. Participants often report experiencing deep emotional healing, spiritual growth, and self-discovery during their journeys. The visionary and introspective nature of the Ayahuasca experience can help individuals gain valuable insights into their own lives, leading to lasting positive changes in their mental and emotional well-being. Additionally, Ayahuasca has been shown to help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD, making it a powerful tool for personal transformation and healing.

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Ayahuasca Retreats
Ayahuasca Retreats - Shamanflora
About Our Retreats

We started Shamanflora out of a desire to bring indigenous Peruvian plant medicine to those who could benefit from their healing. We also made a commitment to the Amazon rainforest that we call home to preserve, protect and nurture it for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.

Our Ayahuasca retreats are not about quantity. We don’t believe in heroic doses or malokas filled with humans. Our mission is to bring quality, honor, respect and devotion to these ancient plant allies and the long-nurtured wisdom of their Shamanic keepers. If you are seeking “Best Ayahuasca Retreats”, looks no further.

We have devoted countless hours and energy into creating a Ayahuasca retreat center that is not only safe and comfortable, but beautiful as well. We harvest and cook our own medicine, on site from the land we are on. This way you know where it comes from and what went into it. We harvest wood for our structures with respect and care. And we support and care for our workers and treat them like family.

About Our Application Process

We take your health and safety seriously. Our application process is thorough, detailed and asks you to share some very personal, private information. We do this to ensure that our recommendations and those of our Shaman are correct, and safe, for you.

After submitting your application, one of our senior staff members will review it and coordinate an video conference meeting with you to ask and answer any questions. Once the interview is complete and we feel you’re a good fit for the medicine retreat you’re applying for or assigned, we then request a deposit payment from you to secure your spot.

Thank you for taking the time, thought, courage and energy in devoting yourself to this process. By actively participating and committing to this process you aid us, and the medicine in serving your needs and intentions.

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After the Retreat

After an Ayahuasca retreat, participants can expect a wide range of outcomes, as each individual’s experience is unique. However, there are some common themes that emerge for many people:

  1. Emotional healing and release: Many participants report experiencing deep emotional healing during their Ayahuasca journey. This can involve processing unresolved emotions, traumas, or memories, allowing for a greater sense of inner peace and well-being.

  2. Enhanced self-awareness: The introspective nature of the Ayahuasca experience often leads to increased self-awareness and personal insights. Participants may gain a deeper understanding of their thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors, enabling them to make positive changes in their lives.

  3. Improved mental health: Ayahuasca has been reported to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD in some individuals. It is important to note that, while Ayahuasca may provide relief for some people, it is not a cure-all and should be considered as a part of a larger holistic approach to mental health and well-being.

  4. Spiritual growth: Many participants find that their Ayahuasca experience opens them up to new spiritual perspectives, deepening their connection to themselves, others, and the natural world.

  5. Stronger connections: The shared experience of an Ayahuasca retreat can foster a strong sense of community and bonding among participants. This often leads to lasting friendships and a supportive network that can be invaluable during post-retreat integration.

  6. Integration process: The insights and experiences gained during an Ayahuasca retreat may require time to fully understand and integrate into one’s daily life. This process can take weeks or even months, and it is essential to be patient and gentle with oneself during this time.

It is important to remember that individual experiences will vary, and not all participants will encounter the same outcomes. However, the Ayahuasca journey often provides a transformative experience that can catalyze significant personal growth and healing.

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Our Upcoming Retreats

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Replanting Ayahuasca Project

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