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New Ownership and Management at RHC

After ten years of love, sweat, and deep devotion, Rainforest Healing Center is now in the hands of its next steward — Ximena Garcia.

Ximena embarked on a transformative journey that introduced her to the world of Kambo, Ayahuasca, and other jungle/plant medicines. As she walked this path, she learned the value of shadow work, immersed herself in transformational teachings, and embraced her calling to be of service to others. During her journey, Ximena connected with Rainforest Healing Center and was captivated by the land, the community, and the center’s mission.

Ximena’s unique background, shaped by her experiences living in various parts of the world, has enriched her perspective and deepened her desire to facilitate profound transformations for those seeking a deeper connection with both the visible and invisible realms.

Having walked her own healing path and embraced personal growth, Ximena resonates with the diverse journeys that individuals embark on. It’s this empathy and understanding that led her to take the helm as the new owner and manager of Shamanflora, formerly known as Rainforest Healing Center.

rainforest healing center new kitchen clearing

Preparing for the new kitchen site in 2015

While the history of Rainforest Healing Center is a tapestry woven with love and dedication, it’s important to acknowledge the foundational role played by the previous steward, whose vision and commitment laid the groundwork for what the center has become. He has now fully passed the baton to Ximena and has embarked on new endeavors, following his own calling.

Shamanflora stands out as one of the very few, if not the only women-led and women-run Master Plant healing centers in the world. Ximena envisioned a maternal and nurturing aura at Shamanflora where all who come to find their miracles will feel safe and nurtured. It’s a sanctuary where the feminine energy flows harmoniously with the healing energies of the rainforest.

The story of Rainforest Healing Center began in 2004 when the previous owner, inspired by his experiences in the jungle, set out to create a sanctuary for sacred medicines. With care and reverence for the land, he painstakingly built the center, preserving its secluded and natural setting, accessible only by foot or hoof, maintaining its intimate and private atmosphere.

private tambo at rainforest healing center

One of the beautiful tambos (guest rooms) at RHC

Over the years, the center grew, adding a maloca constructed by a skilled carpenter and private tambos nestled deep within the primary rainforest. Rainforest Healing Center became a haven for healing, introspection, and transformation, hosting numerous retreats and serving countless guests on their Master Plant Dieta journeys.

Today, as the center transitions into its new phase under Ximena’s loving stewardship, the previous owner has gracefully stepped aside, allowing Ximena to take full charge of Shamanflora. He now explores fresh horizons in alignment with his unique journey.

At Shamanflora, the team eagerly looks forward to continuing their sacred and soulful work, welcoming guests from all walks of life—past, present, and future. They remain dedicated to preserving and regenerating this enchanted land and all the beings it shelters.

The future of Shamanflora is bright, and under Ximena’s nurturing leadership, it will continue to be a place of transformation, growth, wisdom, healing, and profound connection with the natural world.

Fill out our application form and embark on a Journey towards spiritual healing and transformation.

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New Ownership and Management at RHC

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