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    ...if you are looking to heal something but you don't know how and you don't have the help, I think here at Shamanflora, they can help you. And obviously, mainly the medicine Ayahuasca...guided by la Maestra (shaman) and the facilitators...they're going to make ... you feel safe. I felt safe... the Maestra, ... told me, 'Don't worry. I am here and I will take care of you... in case you go somewhere else that is very deep and I see that it's doing you more harm than good I will help you', because she knows how to work with the medicine and diminish the intensity. So I would recommend this for someone looking to heal, emotionally, spiritually, or physically.

    450+ Souls Healed

    Authentic, traditional journeys fostering profound healing and spiritual renewal for every soul.

    I wanted something traditional and authentic, and I wanted to be on the home turf of the medicine


    It is unbelievable what happened there to me! You are talking to god, you are talking to your soul, you reconnect, you open up, you wake up, you are floated by love!!! The plant is leading you back to your inner self, she helps you to heal in every way you want to. It can be pretty hard sometimes, but it is really really worth it!!! This ayahuasca retreat made all of that possible because it is a safe place with wonderful caring people! I am so grateful for all of you who are part of this project!!!!

    Sarah T

    This is an amazing healing center ~ I have never felt safe in a jungle, but the staff and facilitators made me feel protected. It is the perfect ayahuasca retreat setting because they only host a small number of people each retreat. I had an amazing group of supportive new friends that I will forever call my family. I left with an amazing transformational experience that continues to support me today.

    Linda G

    I found my power on deeper level to connect to that a lot more and it has a lot to do with not only trusting myself but having confidence to back up that trust


    It’s spiritual surgery. Sometimes we find ourselves with words, with thoughts, with paradigms...and we need help let go. We may not have been conscious of what we agreed to when we were younger and as we grow we can let some of those thoughts, patterns, beliefs, emotions out. We don’t have to be locked into those permanently.


    Everybody is welcoming here. It is safe and you learn so much about the plants..and the jungle is just so beautiful.